These are the world's 50 most valuable brands of 2017

A man places an apple on the Google logo
Apple and Google have topped the list of the world's most valuable brands (Source: Getty)

Apple and Google have once again take the two top spots in a list of the world’s 100 most valuable brands, according to rankings by consultancy group Interbrand.

Five UK firms made into into the 2017 best global brands list. These were Burberry, HSBC, Land Rover, Smirnoff and Johnnie Walker.

This is the fifth consecutive year with Apple and Google at the top of the list. Interbrand assembles the list based on a brand’s financial performance, how it influences consumer choice and it’s ability to command a premium price.

Interbrand values Apple’s brand as worth $184bn (£136bn) and Google’s at $142bn. The most valuable UK brand, HSBC, is valued at $10.5bn and ranked at 47th.

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Technology is one of the most dominant sectors on the list, with 15 tech firms making it into the rankings. The automotive sector contributed the most with 16 brands, compared to 12 from the financial services sector and nine from fast-moving consumer goods.

“We are living in one of the most exciting periods of change­­—societal, technological, industrial—that impacts every aspect of commerce and life,” said Jez Frampton, global chief executive officer of Interbrand.

“In this ever-shifting context, growth becomes more challenging, which is why businesses need brands more than ever. The best global brands understand that brands are the platform for growth.”

There are three new entrants to this year’s list: Italian sports car brand Ferrari is ranked in 88th place, while US tech firms Netflix and are ranked at 78th and 84th place. Meanwhile, Facebook is the fastest growing brand: its brand value rose 48 percent to $48bn.

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​The top 50 global brands

Rank Brand Sector Brand Value (USD) Percentage Change
1 Apple Tech $184bn 3%
2 Google Tech $142bn 6%
3 Microsoft Tech $80bn 10%
4 Coca-Cola Beverages $70bn -5%
5 Amazon Retail $65bn 29%
6 Samsung Tech $56bn 9%
7 Toyota Automotive $48bn -6%
8 Facebook Tech $48bn 48%
9 Mercedes-Benz Automotive $48bn 10%
10 IBM Business services $47bn -11%
11 GE Diversified $44bn 3%
12 McDonald's Restaurants $42bn 5%
13 BMW Automotive $42bn 0%
14 Disney Media $41bn 5%
15 Intel Tech $39bn 7%
16 Cisco Tech $31bn 7%
17 Oracle Tech $27bn 3%
18 Nike Sporting goods $27bn 8%
19 Louis Vuitton Luxury $23bn -4%
20 Honda Automotive $23bn 3%
21 SAP Tech $23bn 6%
22 Pepsi Beverages $20bn 1%
23 H&M Apparel $20bn -10%
24 Zara Apparel $19bn 11%
25 IKEA Retail $18bn 4%
26 Gillette FMCG $18bn -9%
27 American Express Financial Services $17bn -3%
28 Pampers FMCG $16bn 2%
29 UPS Logistics $16bn 7%
30 JP Morgan Financial Services $16bn 11%
31 Budweiser Alcohol $15bn 2%
32 Hermès Luxury $14bn 11%
33 Ford Automotive $14bn 5%
34 eBay Retail $13bn 1%
35 Hyundai Automotive $13bn 5%
36 Nescafe Beverages $13bn 1%
37 Accenture Business Services $12bn 4%
38 Audi Automotive $12bn 2%
39 Nissan Automotive $12bn 4%
40 Volkswagen Automotive $12bn 1%
41 Philips Electronics $12bn 2%
42 AXA Financial Services $11bn 5%
43 Kellogg's FMCG $11bn -6%
44 Goldman Sachs Financial Services $11bn 16%
45 L'Oréal FMCG $11bn -2%
46 Citi Financial Services $11bn 3%
47 HSBC Financial Services $11bn 1%
48 Porsche Automotive $10bn 6%
49 Allianz Financial Services $10bn 6%
50 Siemens Diversified $10bn 6%

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