Bike share startup Ofo's more than doubling its cycles on London roads - and beyond

Lynsey Barber
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Ofo plans to expand in London and the rest of the UK (Source: Ofo)

Ofo, one of several startups that's a part of a recent boom in bike sharing in London, is more than doubling the number of cycles it has on the capital's roads.

The bikes, which differ from the city's Boris bikes by being dockless, will roll out to new boroughs after an initial trial in Hackney.

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The Chinese startup backed by Uber rival Didi Chuxing and valued at more than $1bn, is planning to increase the number of Ofo bikes from 200 to 750 in Hackney alone, and it's in discussions with several authorities across London to bring them to more locations'. It is also exploring other cities and towns in the UK after landing in Oxford and Cambridge as well as the capital.

“With the highest cycling rate in the capital, Hackney is leading the way on sustainable transport. Yet, London as a whole continues to be blighted by congestion and pollution problems. We need innovative solutions to meet these problems that go beyond the reach of Santander bikes," said its head of operations in the UK, Joseph Seal-Driver.

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“That is why we hope that success in Hackney can be reproduced across the city. Our partnership with Hackney Council serves as an example for other boroughs and cities to follow suit and take positive steps toward re-shaping how we travel in cities.”

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