British Virgin Islands says financial centre remains "open for business now and for the future" as Hurricane Maria hits

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British Virgin Islands
The British Virgin Islands were hit by Hurricane Irma earlier this month (Source: Getty)

The British Virgin Islands’ financial centre has declared that it remains “open for business now and for the future” after being hit by Hurricane Maria.

The BVI had previously fallen victim to Hurricane Irma earlier this month, after which the islands' premier, Orlando Smith, said: “We may be momentarily down, but we are certainly not out.”

The area has now been hit by Maria.

Lorna Smith, interest executive director of BVI Finance, said: “The full impact of Hurricane Maria is still emerging, but thankfully we were spared the brunt of it as the eye passed south of our islands. Reconstruction efforts have therefore continued along with ongoing humanitarian support.

“For the international business and finance centre, Hurricane Maria caused minimal disruption with many firms able to continue providing key services to clients throughout. This is thanks to the successful implementation of business continuity plans, which includes many firms partnering with their international networks on an interim basis.”

She added: “Looking forward, with the support of key partners including the governments of the BVI and UK, the BVI’s international business and finance centre – which mediates over $1.5 trillion of investment globally – will return to normalcy.

“Fundamentally, despite recent events the BVI remains open for business now and for the future.”

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