Mapped: Here are the 10 shortlisted Hyperloop One routes including Edinburgh to London in 50 minutes

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Hyperloop One successfully completed the second phase of its testing in July
Hyperloop One successfully completed the second phase of its testing in July (Source: Hyperloop One)

Hyperloop One has announced 10 winners of the global challenge it set back in May last year, to identify the strongest potential routes in the world.

It has carried out a close assessment of the proposals with a panel of infrastructure, tech, and transport experts scrutinising the details, and now 10 teams from five countries have been selected from hundreds of applicants.

Two of the routes are within the UK - a 50 minute Edinburgh to London one that encompasses Birmingham and Manchester, and a 47 minute Glasgow to Liverpool option.

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Mapped: The 10 routes

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(Source: Hyperloop One)

The routes span three continents and five countries, and Hyperloop One said they could result in over 148m people connected.

The 10 successful Hyperloop One routes


Length (km)


US Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh



US Dallas-Laredo-Houston



US Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo



US Miami-Orlando



India Bengaluru-Chennai



India Mumbai-Chennai



UK Edinburgh-London



UK Glasgow-Liverpool



Mexico Mexico City-Guadalajara



Canada Toronto-Montreal



The company will now commit "meaningful business and engineering resources" and work closely with the successful routes to assess their commercial viability and assess aspects such as ridership forecast.

Off the back of the challenge, Hyperloop One is also kicking off a public private partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation, with support from Aecom, to commence a feasibility study.

Shervin Pishevar, co-founder and executive chairman of Hyperloop One, said:

The Hyperloop One global challenge started as a call to action for innovators, engineers, trailblazers and dreamers around the world who shared our vision of creating a new mode of transportation.

The global challenge became a movement of thousands of people from more than 100 countries over six continents.

Like us, they believe that Hyperloop will not only solve transportation and urban development challenges within communities, it will unlock vast economic potential and transform how our cities operate and how we live.

Our successful test this summer made Hyperloop a reality, and now we're ready to bring our Hyperloop system to the world.

Hyperloop One aims to build transportation networks for both people and cargo, with low pressure tubes and pods floating along a track using magnetic levitation, in a concept that was the brainchild of Tesla boss Elon Musk.

Check out the details on the UK routes:

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