Lords urge government to contribute to EU budget to help rebuild after Irma

Helen Cahill
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The hurricane has devastated parts of the Carribbean (Source: Getty)

The Lords EU Committee is urging the government to consider contributing to the EU budget to help British overseas territories rebuild after Hurricane Irma.

The committee has warned that many of the UK's overseas territories such as Aguilla and the British Virgin Islands are now in need of funds due to the destruction caused by storm.

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Many of these territories do not receive overseas aid from the UK, the Lords committee said, but instead access the European Development Fund (EDF).

The committee is asking whether the government would consider contributing the the EU budget to ensure these territories continue to receive money from the fund.

Prime Minister Theresa May today pledged an extra £25m in funding for the communities affected by Irma.

In addition, the Lords are urging the government to ensure exports from overseas territories to the EU are do not face higher tariffs due to Brexit.

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"Many overseas territories rely on cooperation with their nearest neighbours to provide health services and access to transport links. Many of those neighbours are territories of other EU member states" the Lords said in a statement.

"The committee asks the government to explain the steps it is taking to ensure that cooperation can be maintained after Brexit."

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