Here are five of the best features Apple's just announced for its snazzy new iPhone X

Rebecca Smith
Say goodbye to the home button
Say goodbye to the home button (Source: Getty)

Apple just had its customary September slew of news and product updates, along with the rather special unveiling of its new iPhone X.

Pre-orders for the phone, which is the tech giant's most expensive yet from £999, open on 27 October, with shipping commencing on 3 November.

While the barrage of features on the new phone came thick and fast from Apple, some stuck out as being particularly intriguing.

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Here are the five best features Apple is wheeling out for its iPhone X...

1. Face ID

Say goodbye to Touch ID, and hello to Face ID, as Apple brings in facial recognition to unlock the phone. The technology combines an IR system with the front camera and a flood illuminator so your face can be recognised even in the dark. And Apple says it's far more secure than Touch ID, with a one in a million chance of another person being able to unlock your phone.

2. Wireless charging

The iPhone X has an all-glass design, which is also in place for the new iPhone 8, meaning wireless charging is officially a go. It uses a plate within the back of the phone to accept an inductive charge from a pad or furniture that has wireless charging built in.

3. No home button

The rumours are indeed true. There may be no place like home, but there's no place for home in the fancy new iPhone X. Instead, users will have to get used to an upward swipe from the bottom of the phone, which Apple is adamant will soon seem become a natural switch.

4. Animoji

​Pretty much as they sound, these will be animated emojis that can map expressions onto characters like a panda or a unicorn, using the facial recognition system. And you'll be able to send these animoji in messages to other Apple users, for endless fun...

5. Edge to edge screen

And there's no space for the above mentioned home button due to the fact Apple has whacked on an all-encompassing screen on its new device. It's a 5.8 inch super retina screen and there's a notch at the top which includes the front camera, infrared camera, the dot projector and the flood illuminator.

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