Apple's new iPhone X uses facial recognition to unlock it and people aren't too sure about it


Apple boss Tim Cook has hailed the iPhone X the future of the smartphone (Source: Getty)

You might have heard that Apple's unveiled its new iPhone X in all of its glory today, complete with wireless charging but no home button.

And one of the features garnering the most interest so far is the fact the new phone, which ties in with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, will use facial recognition to unlock the phone.

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Apple was confident that it has tried and tested this to the extreme - it can't be spoofed by photos, and there needs to be engagement from the user, so it won't work if their eyes are shut.

But so far, not everyone's sold on it, and there have been a range of responses to the news.

Here are some of the best...

Some people weren't too happy about Apple's perceived priorities...

(But on that note, Apple has announced the X will have a battery life that's two hours longer than the iPhone 7.)

Others were worried about what the future held:

Some were a little concerned about whether the Face ID will truly be able to recognise them at all times...

While others were more positive:

The facial recognition is also being used in the new Animoji feature too, which are animated emojis. 

That feature's had a varied reponse too...


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