What you need to know about Apple's new £999 iPhone X that unlocks with facial recognition and has no home button

Rebecca Smith
Apple Boss Tim Cook made the announcements during the iPhone's 10th anniversary
Apple Boss Tim Cook made the announcements during the iPhone's 10th anniversary

The moment has finally arrived.

The highly anticipated Apple event to unveil a batch of new products, notably the all-new iPhone, is here.

And while there has been a whole lot of discussion over what features it has (facial recognition and no Home button for starters), we have only just found what's officially on the iPhone X (pronounced like the number 10).

Apple boss Tim Cook has called it the "biggest leap forward" since the original iPhone, and it features an edge to edge screen, plus Face ID. Oh and it's available for £999 in the UK.

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Five important developments:

  1. Wireless charging
  2. Face ID - facial recognition will be used to unlock the new iPhone
  3. Longer battery life than iPhone 7 (two hours to be exact)
  4. Animojis - the introduction of animated emojis
  5. ​No home button - there's an edge to edge screen, and instead an upward swipe takes you to the home screen

The raft of features on Apple's iPhone X:

  • No more home button - users now swipe up from the bottom to go to the homescreen
  • Face ID - you just look at the phone to unlock it, can't be tricked by photos, and adapts to you as your face changes over time
  • Measures 5.8 inches in diagonal size
  • All-new super retina display - the first OLED display to be in an iPhone
  • Million to one contrast ratio
  • Larger side button
  • As well as raise to wake, can also tap on the screen and the phone wakes up
  • Glass on the front and back, using the same formula as iPhone 8
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Comes in space grey and silver
  • Animated emojis called animojis that people control with their face
  • TrueDepth camera system at the top of the display to enable it, featuring everything from the microphone to the speaker to the infrared camera, and a flood illuminator
  • Works with Apple Pay - you look at the phone to unlock and then point at the reader

More on that facial recognition:

You need attention to unlock, so the phone won't unlock if the user's eyes are closed, and the Apple team has worked to protect against spoofing so it can't be tricked by photos.

While there was a one in 50,000 chance a random user could unlock your phone with Touch ID; with Face ID it is one in a million.

And those Animoji are sliding right into Apple messages, so you'll be able to send (potentially slightly creepy) animated emojis using your own facial expressions to friends in no time...

So how much and when's it out?

Apple said a 64GB iPhone X will be on sale from $999, and £999 in the UK. Pre-orders start on 27 October, and will be available from 3 November.

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