Revealed: Mercedes' Project One hypercar is a Formula 1-powered, 220mph monster


The hypercar is powered by Formula 1 technology (Source: Mercedes-AMG)

After months of anticipation (and the odd teaser), Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes' high-performance arm, has finally revealed its Project One hypercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Bringing Formula 1 hybrid technology to a road-legal car, the Project One is a 1,000 horsepower monster which can hit speeds of up to 350km per hour (220mph).

Mercedes described the two-seater hypercar as a "world first", using a plug-in hybrid drive system which comes "directly from Formula1" to create one of the most efficient cars on the road. 

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That efficiency comes from a hybrid, turbocharged combustion engine and four electric motors: two driving the front wheels, one boosting the turbocharger, and one installed directly on the 1.6-litre, V6 engine.

The electric motors on the front axle allow it to rev at up to 50,000 RPM, while so-called turbo lag, the delayed response between pressing the accelerator pedal and the car moving forward, has been eliminated, Mercedes insisted. 

Project One "directly brings current Formula 1 hybrid technology onto the road and combines top-class race track performance with full day-to-day suitability," insisted Mercedes.

"Its purpose is also to obtain extensive findings about performance-oriented plug-in hybrid drive technology, further developments of suspension layouts and extended onboard electronics that will later benefit series production AMG cars. The Project One team is working hard on successfully bringing this vision onto the road," it added.

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