Jeremy Corbyn slams gig economy in bid to sign youngsters up to trade unions

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Jeremy Corbyn Visits Scotland In An Attempt To Win Back Support
Corbyn will urge young people to join a union (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to make a speech today which will criticise the so-called gig economy, as he continues a campaign to sign young people up to trade unions.

Speaking at the TUC conference, he will say that technology in the hands of "unscrpulous bosses" has been used to undermine workers' rights.

It is not the first time the leader of the opposition has taken aim at the casual work schemes used by companies like Uber and Deliveroo. In July he criticised the Matthew Taylor review into working practices, saying the recommendations did not go far enough.

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Today Corbyn will reaffirm his stance and claim that the gig economy damages the mental health of workers.

His speech will target young people in particular, who are likely to be attracted by the "modern and dynamic" image of the gig economy. He will encourage them to join a trade union to protect their rights.

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“The ‘gig economy’ presents itself as modern and dynamic," he is set to say. "But all too often uses technology as a cover to deny both employees and customers basic protections.”

Corbyn last week tweeted his support for striking McDonald's workers, saying that their demands for higher pay and an end to zero-hours contracts were "just and should be met".

He took the opportunity to encourage union membership among young people.

"Their actions remind us that when people come together, organise and campaign for a better world, they can change history," he wrote on Facebook. "Now is the time for all fast food workers, the young, the low-paid and the unorganised to join trade unions and organise in their workplaces to improve their lives."

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