More than 100m Hopper fare journeys have been made in its first year as upgrade set to allow unlimited bus journeys within an hour

Rebecca Smith
TfL is planning upgrades to the Hopper bus fare
TfL is planning upgrades to the Hopper bus fare (Source: Getty)

Over 100m journeys have been made using the Hopper fare on the capital's buses, since mayor Sadiq Khan introduced it a year ago.

And today, the mayor confirmed plans to improve the bus fare further, with plans for unlimited bus and tram journeys within an hour in the works.

New figures out from Transport for London (TfL) said that around 325,000 journeys are now being made every weekday using the Hopper fare, which allows passengers to take a £1.50 bus or tram journey and then change onto another bus or tram for free within one hour of touching in at the start of their journey.

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It has been rolled out to make bus travel more affordable and encourage more Londoners to take the bus, and also forms part of the mayor's efforts to tackle the capital's air pollution troubles, as measures are implemented to clean up London's bus fleet.

Looking to build on the Hopper's introduction, TfL is now trialling technology allowing customers to take unlimited bus and tram transfers within one hour, which is not possible with the current system software. The upgrade will also mean passengers can travel on a Tube or rail service between their two or more bus or tram journeys.

TfL is hoping to roll out those changes early next year.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said:

In allowing passengers to change buses for free within an hour, I’m proud that we’re cutting the cost of travel for thousands of Londoners all across the city. The cost of travel must never be a barrier to work or study, and with our TfL fares freeze and unlimited bus journeys within the hour planned from next year, we’re continuing to make public transport an easier and more affordable option for every Londoner.

Liberal Democrat London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon welcomed the success of the Hopper fare, but said there was more to be done.

"The mayor also needs to address the anomaly that there is a weekly cap if you use your contactless card but not for people paying on their Oyster card," she said. "Another vital change to fares would be the mayor to implement the Lib Dem policy of half price travel for journeys on the TfL rail network that start before 7.30am."

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