Surrey has overtaken London as the most expensive place to buy a pint in the UK


Drink up boys: a pint is 20p cheaper in London than it is in Surrey (Source: Getty)

London has been toppled from its spot as pricey drinks capital of the UK, after the average price of a pint in Surrey hit £4.40

That makes a beer in the home county 20p more than the average London brew, according to this year's Good Pub Guide.

But London was still well above the national average of £3.60 in the ranking. Surrey and London were also way ahead in the top five most expensive places in the UK to buy a pint, with the next most expensive being Sussex, where a pint will set you back around £3.82.

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Location Price of a pint
Surrey £4.40
London £4.20
Sussex £3.82
Hertfordshire £3.81
Scottish Islands £3.80

Skint beer fans should head to Herefordshire if they want a cheaper drink: the average price of a pint there is £3.31.

Alternatively, head straight to the source. Beer served in pubs which brew their own brands was typically £3.09 a pint, which may explain why London slipped in the rankings: with the number of new breweries in the capital jumping 24 per cent last year, more Londoners are organising piss-ups in breweries to take advantage of cheaper direct prices.

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