City Hall Conservatives slam Sadiq's housing plan as an "empty vessel"

Helen Cahill
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Sadiq Khan Begins His Term As Mayor Of London
Sadiq Khan unveiled his housing policy this morning (Source: Getty)

City Hall Conservatives have slammed Sadiq Khan's housing strategy as an "empty vessel" and have accused the London mayor of "vague idealism"

Khan unveiled his new housing strategy this morning, promising to spend £250m on buying and preparing land for new and affordable houses.

However, Conservatives have said his plans lack detail, despite Khan taking a year to produce them.

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Andrew Boff, Conservative member of the London Assembly, said: "We've waited over a year for this document but now it has finally arrived I'm sad to see it is an empty vessel.

"Despite bold promises on housing, the mayor has again failed to explain in any detail where he will obtain £250m to buy up new land and his pledge to maximise land use is at best vague idealism."

Richard Brown, research director at Centre for London, said the mayor did not have the tools he needed to fix the housing crisis.

"The Mayor needs greater powers over land assembly and property taxes, to create incentives for efficient use of land, find the sites for new development, and enable the public sector to share in value rises unlocked by investment in infrastructure," he said.

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