North Korea says another nuclear test has been a "perfect success" as Kim Jong-Un poses with hydrogen bomb


North Korea's state news agency has said nuclear missile tests were a success (Source: Getty)

North Korea is claiming another successful nuclear test after an earthquake was identified in the region.

The secretive country said it detonated a sixth nuclear test device, which would be its most powerful yet, and claims to have developed an advanced hydrogen bomb.

The US Geological Survey identified a 6.3 magnitude earthquake overnight. Pictures released by the Korean Central News Agency show leader Kim Jong-Un inspecting what the state claims is a hydrogen bomb. This could be loaded onto a missile, it said. 

The latest test signals escalating tensions between Pyongyang and its neighbours, and the west.

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Sanctions were imposed by the UN Security Council at the start of August in a bid to discourage weapons testing.

Further tests were conducted last week, prompting Japan to warn its citizens to take cover. 

US President Donald Trump responded to the pervious tests by saying that talking to the country was "not the answer".

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, general Yukiya Amano, condemned the tests, saying they were in "complete disregard of the repeated demands of the international community".

Here's how world leaders have responded.

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