Slow computers, uncomfortable chairs and smelly food: This is how long we spend grumbling about things at work

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Work: it’s the source of endless gripes. Not least, according to new research, colleagues’ smelly food, unrealistic deadlines, and meeting about meetings. The list is endless...

But the number one thing we like to complain about? Getting a phone call when we’re about to leave the office, the research suggested. Workers hate this so much, they spend over 77 hours a year grumbling about it - as well as moaning about uncomfortable chairs and no-one ever saying “thank you”.

The list of Britain’s top 50 office gripes, based on a poll of 2,000 office workers, ranked grindingly slow computers and general IT issues in second and third places respectively.

In fact, IT issues make up a major part of the top 50 list of grumbles - workers complain about computers which are too slow or crash, printers constantly being jammed or breaking down and bad phone signal.

The average person will have a good moan about the temperature of the office or unnecessary all-staff emails for up to 20 minutes every day, according to the study, by animal charity Spana. It also found one in 20 will start moaning the minute they set foot in the office, while 15 per cent whinge all day.

Workers are also not happy with those who take credit for work they didn’t do, insensitive bosses and generally can’t stand it when someone stinks out the office with smelly food.

Despite all this, most people are unlikely to do anything about what bothers them at work - with 60 per cent saying they wouldn’t confront a colleague. Wimps.

Here are the top ten office grumbles

1. Getting a phone call when you're literally about to leave the office
2. Computers being slow
3. IT issues
4. The temperature being too low/high
5. No air conditioning
6. Computers crashing
7. Printers jamming or breaking down
8. Colleagues who are difficult to work with
9. When someone uses your desk when you're away and leaves it messy
10. Freezing cold air conditioning

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