11 back-to-school business podcasts to keep you inspired on the daily grind

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Back to school is upon us: if you’re looking for some motivation as you head back to the daily grind, look no further.

We’ve rounded up the best podcasts to inspire, motivate and help you brush-up as you head back to work after the summer. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just want ideas to help you climb the career ladder, these business-oriented podcasts will help boost your prospects.

1. Blow Up the Blueprint

Want to use creative thinking to impact your business and build a stand-out brand - but don’t know how? Jo Gifford explains how to blow up the blueprint. Having launched earlier this year, listeners say it’s worth a go if you’re particularly interested in the online entrepreneurial space.

2. Millennial Money Matters

Know your Monzo from your Moneybox? If not, this podcast tells you everything you need to know and is ideal for someone who knows nothing about finance.The show is solely dedicated to discussions about new financial technologies and explains why young people should care about them.

3. Hello Friend

Host Bethany Rutter wanted to do something that enabled her to ask questions of the great people in her life and share their brilliance with the world - so Hello Friend was born. With conversations about everything from careers and food to inspiration, you’ll feel like you’ve made a new friend after every episode.

4. The Work We Do

Whisper it, but work can be boring: repeating the same tasks in the same way every day becomes tedious. So host Victoria Stoyanova is interviewing the people redefining the meaning and purpose of work by designing their lives and work in fascinating ways. Plenty of good ideas to help you embrace new ways of working.

5. Youpreneur FM

British entrepreneur Chris Ducker provides his take on what it means to be a personal brand entrepreneur in the 21st century. On the show you’ll find marketing tips and growth strategies for both small business owners and established entrepreneurs.

6. We Are Women

Presented by writer, broadcaster and comedian Viv Groskop, this podcast from British womenswear brand Mint Velvet explores what empowers women, as well as the triumphs and challenges of being a woman. Each episode features experts and interesting individuals tackling topics deemed important to women.

7. History of the Internet

As the internet entwines itself further into our lives, we’re becoming increasingly reliant. Packed with interviews with the people behind the screens, this podcast is an in-depth look at the development of the web and how it came to dominate our daily lives - from how hashtags happened to how memes metamorphosed.

8. Self Made Man

Forget self-help books: this is a self improvement show. Listeners have the chance to hear from mentors who share their success stories and offer advice on how build excellence in business, relationships, health, finance, and legacy.

9.The School of Greatness

“This podcast delivers high quality content that stimulates your mind and motivates you to continue to follow your passionsays an iTunes review. We couldn’t put it better ourselves. . Hosted by New York Times bestselling author Lewis Howes, the show aims to share inspiring stories from brilliant business minds, athletes and influential celebrities to help you find out what it takes to be great.

10. Eventual Millionaire Podcast​

Real talk with real millionaires is this podcast’s motto. Business coach Jaime Masters only interviews millionaire entrepreneurs to learn their failures, advice, tips and stories. They reveal their tactics for growing personal wealth - if you’re an aspiring millionaire, have a pen and paper at the ready.

11. Unregulated, by City A.M.

And lastly, this would not complete list of business podcasts without our Unregulated podcast, which will stage a glorious return later this month - so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, why not catch up on previous episodes? You can find them all on Audioboom or iTunes.

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