Google submits documents to comply with EU antitrust order

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The firm faces hefty fines if it does not comply (Source: Getty)

Tech giant Google has submitted documents outlining how it will comply with an EU antitrust order and stop favouring its own shopping services in web searches, EU regulators said today.

Google landed a £2.2bn fine from the EU this summer and was forced to document how it would end its anti-competitive behaviour.

The EU Commission said Google was abusing its power to make its own comparision shopping services appear higher in Google search rankings, impacting rival providers.

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Google must end its self-promotion in searches by 28 September.

Penalty payments for failing to comply with the EU’s directive could lead to a penalty of five per cent of the turnover of Google’s parent company Alphabet, amounting to $12m (£9m) a day.

An EU Commission spokesperson said Google will have to submit periodic reports on its progress.

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