Whoppercoin: Burger King Russia has launched its own cryptocurrency as a loyalty card style reward


Burger fans can collect Whoppercoins when they eat at Burger King (Source: Getty)

As if talk of a cryptocurrency bubble weren't already frothy enough, even Burger King is getting on the blockchain bandwagon it seems, in what's a rather surprising move.

The fast food restaurant has created the "Whoppercoin" in Russia.

It has already issued one billion of the virtual tokens, two of which are given to customers for every rouble spent, and 1,700 Whoppercoins gets you an actual Whopper burger in real life.

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Burger King Russia is planning on releasing an app through which the currency can be traded, though it works as more of a loyalty scheme.

Moscow-based startup Waves Platform has helped launched the currency, or, is putting BLT on the DLT as it describes it.

Emin Gun Sirer a computer science researcher at Cornell University said reward points were actually a good case for blockchain.