Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: Prize money purse, pay-per-view revenue, ticket sales and all the figures behind the richest fight in boxing history

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor - Weigh-in
Mayweather and McGregor are expected to make more money from a single fight than any boxers before them (Source: Getty)

Questions abound ahead of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor's much-hyped blockbuster boxing bout in Paradise, Nevada this weekend.

Such is the unprecedented nature of the event — an all-time great vs a boxing novice — few are sure of exactly what they should expect.

Will Mayweather show mercy and coast to another defensive-but-dull masterclass? Will he record a rare knock-out victory? Will Justin Bieber accompany him to the ring?

Only one outcome is clear; everyone involved is going to emerge significantly richer from what will most likely be the most lucrative fight in history.

Here's the breakdown of the dollars and digits behind "the money fight" from the fighters' purses to pay-per-view sales.

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The purse

This is one question for which public hunger for an answer may never be satisfactorily answered. Both men signed non-disclocure agreements gagging them from discussing the details of their payday.

What we do know is that Mayweather will be guaranteed at least $100m while McGregor will come away with nothing less than $30m, after contract figures were released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

In reality, the total take home for both men is likely to be significantly higher once their respective share from pay-per-view TV sales, sponsorships, merchandise, ticket sales and other revenue sources have been totted up.

Mayweather, for example, had a guaranteed $100m in place ahead of his 2015 meeting with Pacquiao but ended up with around $260m in the bank thanks to the record-breaking revenues generated by the fight.

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McGregor's manager Audie Attar has said that $100m is "a good estimate" for the Irishman's overall earnings, meaning Mayweather would likely be looking at upwards of $300m.

In contrast, some of the fighters on the undercard of the fight are set for as little as $3,500 for their night's work.

Pay-per-view revenue

The largest source of revenue for this fight will be the record-breaking pay-per-view TV packages it is expected to sell.

That record currently belongs to Mayweather's long-anticipated meeting with Pacquiao two years ago, which notched 4.4m buys, generating $400m.

UFC president Dana White's forecast that Mayweather vs McGregor will hit 4.9m buys in the US has been backed by other neutral observers in the industry, and with prices in the US between $90 - $100 that would see it easily cross the $500m mark once international sales — IMG have sold rights to 200 territories around the world for an estimated $50m — have been added.

Unlike the Pacquiao fight, this event also benefits from having the clout of the UFC behind it. Fans can order it on an X-Box, PlayStation or from Apple TV through the UFC.tv app.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor - Fighter Arrivals
Corona have coughed up to be the main sponsor for the fight (Source: Getty)

Sponsorship deals have been negotiated right up to the last minute, but the fervent sales of ring and equipment inventory to brands eager to reach the masses is expected to raise around $20m.

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Beer brand Corona has snapped up pride of place in the centre of the ring, a one-off billboard that reportedly cost it $10m.

Ticket sales

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor - Previews
The T-Mobile Arena in Paradise Las Vegas can hold up to 20,000 fans (Source: Getty)

One revenue generator that hasn't quite lived up to the hype is the slow uptake on tickets for the fight at the 20,000 capacity T-Mobile Arena in boxing.

Thousands of seats were still available on secondary markets just days before the fight according to some reports.

Nevertheless, those involved remain adamant that gate receipts will still surpass the $72.2m from the 16,219 tickets sold to Mayweather-Pacquiao — in part due to the steep prices reaching $10,000 at face value and rising even further (but in some cases dropping) on the secondary market.

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