From loud music to backpack barging: The Tube gripes Londoners find most irritating


Londoners aren't keen on littering or people playing music loudly on the Tube (Source: Getty)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Londoners are not the most cheerful of city-dwellers, especially on the Underground.

Now, YouGov has revealed exactly what it is that grinds our gears, in a new survey out today.

From breaking the unwritten rule of standing on the left of the escalator, to that person who just won’t stop staring at you, here are the things Londoners can’t stand while on the Tube.

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The 10 most annoying Tube habits

1. Getting on the train without letting other passengers get off

2. Not getting out of the way for people exiting the train
3. Trying to push ahead to get on the tube first
4. Littering
5. Not moving down a crowded carriage to make space
6. Playing music without headphones on
7. Refusing to give up a seat for pregnant or elderly people
8. Putting your bag on a seat
9. Being drunk
10. Smelly food

Occupying the top spot, a huge 90 per cent of the 1,513 Londoners surveyed said that not letting passengers off the Tube before trying to get on was “very” or “fairly” annoying, with only four per cent of respondents finding it bearable.

It seems the doors are an area of particular tension, as not moving when people are getting off the train, and pushing to get on are the second and third most annoying habits.

People who listen to music, or talk loudly are unsurprisingly frustrating, with the majority of Londoners preferring the sweet sound of silence on their commute; a massive 82 per cent found music played without headphones annoying.

Littering and smelly food are also a sore spot, with 84 per cent of respondents bemoaning the litterbugs, and 71 per cent unhappy with their fellow passengers’ snack choices. 

YouGov also looked at gender and age differences in their survey, finding that women and the elderly are more likely to get frustrated on the Tube.

Compared to 61 per cent of men who found it annoying, 79 per cent of women found "manspreading" insufferable on their journey. Meanwhile, 86 per cent of Londoners over the age of 65 found drunkenness to be unbearable on the Tube, compared to 62 per cent of 18-25 year olds.

Here's a full run-down of the 20 gripes Londoners have with people travelling on the Tube.

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