One in four Brexit voters think they were duped by the Leave campaign

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One in five Leave voters no longer believe the NHS claim (Source: Getty)

A quarter of people who voted for Brexit believe they were duped by the Leave campaign - and a number of them would now vote to Remain, a new poll suggests.

Some 26 per cent of people who voted to leave the European Union said the campaign for Brexit was either "mostly" or "completely" misleading, according to Opinium. That compares with around 16 per cent of Remain voters who said that campaign was "mostly" or "completely" misleading.

One in five Leave voters said they no longer believed that the contribution given by the UK to the EU - estimated to be £350m - would be given to the NHS after Brexit, having believed it when they voted. Some 10 per cent of Remain voters said the same.

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Meanwhile, seven per cent of Leave voters said they would swap their vote if there were another referendum, while one per cent said they would not vote. A further four per cent said they didn't know how they would vote. Four per cent of Remain voters said they would switch to Leave, with three per cent saying they were undecided.

And as with other polls, trust in the government over Brexit negotiations has dropped - Opinium's poll suggested approval had falled from 39 per cent in June to 33 per cent in August - although the Conservatives remain ahead of Labour, who lag behind with 21 per cent.

Theresa May's handling of Brexit is broadly unpopular, with 47 per cent of people disapproving and only 28 per cent approving.

Generally people think the economy will take a hit in the short term but will ultimately balance out. Two-fifths think they will be financially worse off in the next two years but in 10 years’ time more or less equal numbers think they’ll be better or worse off (31 per cent vs 30 per cent) respectively.

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