It's official: These are the best and worst Tube lines as ranked by Londoners

Rebecca Smith
Who doesn't love the sardine sensation during rush hour on the Tube?
Who doesn't love the sardine sensation during rush hour on the Tube? (Source: Getty)

It's the moment you've all been waiting for.

YouGov has surveyed 1,651 Londoners who use the London Underground to settle the heated debate of just what takes the title as the capital's best Tube line, and which comes bottom of the rankings.

Taking the top spot is the Jubilee Line, with 51 per cent of those using the line saying they like it, compared to six per cent who don't.

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London's Tube lines rated from best to worst
1. Jubilee
2. DLR
3. Overground
4. Victoria
5. Piccadilly
6. Metropolitan
7. Hammersmith & City
8. District
9. Waterloo & City
10. Circle
11. Bakerloo
12. Central
13. Northern

Leaving aside the debate over whether the DLR actually constitutes part of the Tube network, the DLR came in a tight second, with 50 per cent saying they enjoyed taking the line, and six per cent disliking it.

For those disputing the DLR's legitimacy on the list though, the Victoria Line had 46 per cent liking the service, and seven per cent disliking it.

As for the worst of the Lines, the Northern and Central Lines were looked upon the least favourably.

The breakdown of the results (Source: YouGov)

Still, people were more likely to say they liked them as opposed to dislike them. Some 29 per cent of people said they liked the Central Line, compared to the 23 per cent who didn't, while 28 per cent said they liked the Northern Line and 22 per cent disliked it.

The two lines are both among the busiest on the London Underground network, and also feature among the hottest Tube lines, which may shed some light on their rankings.

According to Transport for London, the Bakerloo Line is actually the hottest though, followed by the Central Line, the Victoria Line, and then the Northern Line.

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