The UK's terror threat is rising as Isis collapses in Syria, security minister says

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Europe is under "constant attack" the UK's security minister said (Source: Getty)

The terror threat in the UK is increasing as the so-called Islamic State (Isis) loses ground in Syria and Iraq, according to Britain's security minister.

Ben Wallace told the BBC that Europe was under "constant attack" as extremists who were unable to join Isis or had returned from fighting abroad look to carry out attacks in the UK and other nations.

"I think the threat is still increasing, partly driven by the fact Isis is collapsing in Syria and people are either unable to get out there to fight for Isis and so they look to do something at home, or also because people have come back and tried to inspire people with their stories and tales of the caliphate," Wallace said.

"I think those two things mean that the threat is to some extent increasing."

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This comes after Isis claimed responsibility for two attacks in Spain this week that left 14 dead and more than a hundred injured as well as a stabbing attack in Russia today.

Wallace added that Prevent, the government's anti-terrorism programme, needed to be better understood and engaged with.

Prevent works to nip radicalisation in the bud by urging police and other organisations to build relationships with the public, encouraging them to report concerns. Wallace said he had ordered the release of more information to increase understanding of Prevent and its successes.

"If we're going to stop these people who use everyday items such as vehicles and kitchen knives to murder people on our streets, we are going to have to all engage together with Prevent and we are having real success when we do that," Wallace said.

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