After A-Levels: The best UK university towns to become a landlord

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Students Throughout The UK Receive Their A Level Results
Now A-Level results are over, students are looking for new homes. (Source: Getty)

Now A-Level results are out of the way, families nationwide are focusing on the next step: university.

But what's the point of shelling out for increasingly expensive student accommodation when you could become a landlord, and make a few quid (and pay a portion of the tuition fees) while you're at it?

Analysis by online estate agent Emoov has shown the best university towns to become a landlord: the crown goes to Nottingham, where the average house prices is £133,215; while the average monthly rent is £950 a month, giving a rental yield of just under 8.6 per cent.

That's followed by Leeds, with a yield of 7.8 per cent, while Queen's in Belfast comes third, at 7.5 per cent.

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University towns with the best rental yields

University Average House Price Monthly rent Rental Yield
1 Nottingham £133,215 £950 8.56%
2 Leeds £174,401 £1,133 7.80%
3 Queen's, Belfast £120,351 £752 7.50%
4 Coventry £173,898 £1,077 7.43%
5 Glasgow £123,609 £753 7.31%
6 Manchester £160,617 £958 7.16%
7 Swansea £140,370 £828 7.08%
8 Birmingham £171,386 £974 6.82%
9 Aston £171,386 £974 6.82%
10 Portsmouth £201,409 £1,106 6.59%

If you're after cheap accommodation for the little darlings, look no further than prestigious Russell Group stalwart Durham, where the average house price is a mere £102,347 - although the average number of Ucas points required to get onto a course there is 527, compared with Nottingham's 425.

That's followed by Dundee, where the average house price is £119,155, and Queen's again, where the average home will set you back £120,351.

“Despite the buy-to-let market receiving a bit of a kicking over the last year, it still remains a very lucrative business and one that is only marginally soured by the additional three per cent in stamp duty tax," said Russell Quirk, chief executive of Emoov.

"The presence of a top university nearby is one way of ensuring a consistent stream of income to sweeten the recent changes in buy-to-let dis-incentivisation.

"What’s more, the UK has an abundance of top universities spread far and wide and so it provides a whole host of more affordable options for getting on the buy-to-let ladder, other than the usual go to option of an over inflated London market."

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University towns with the lowest house prices

Rank University Average UCAS tariff Average House Price
1 Durham 527.5 £102,347
2 Dundee 412.2 £119,155
3 Queen's, Belfast 388.3 £120,351
4 Glasgow 478.4 £123,609
5 Nottingham 425 £133,215
6 Swansea 325.9 £140,370
7 Keele 351.8 £145,427
8 Lancaster 421.4 £148,696
9 Sheffield 420.1 £151,948
10 Derby 305.3 £152,146

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