Bitcoin prices sail past $4,500 for a new record high

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Bitcoin split in two at the start of the month after a long-running row between its community of developers and miners (Source: Getty)

Bitcoin is ticking off one milestone after another this month.

The cryptocurrency smashed a new record high as its price climbed to $4,522.13 today. At the time of writing, bitcoin was trading 1.59 per cent higher than its previous closing price at $4,495.66 a coin, according to CoinDesk data.

The infamously volatile digital currency has been relatively stable at just over $4,000 since the start of the week. However, on Tuesday bitcoin spiked over $4,400, and today the cryptocurrency reached a new high before edging back down slightly.

Bitcoin has been making strides since the digital currency split in two earlier this month, creating bitcoin cash. It has been pushed higher by rising mainstream adoption with more investors and regulators getting involved in cryptocurrency.

Today, multi-asset broker HotForex added bitcoin to its cryptocurrency contract for differences (CFDs) to allow traders to buy and sell it after starting to offer it as a deposit option earlier in the year.

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A month of milestones for bitcoin

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