UK energy networks work to create new opportunities in the smart grid transition

Courtney Goldsmith
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50 Hertz Electricity Grid Control Center
Networks are set to play an important role in the move towards a smart electricity system (Source: Getty)

The UK's Energy Networks Association (ENA) today launched a consultation seeking views on how to create a smart electricity grid that encourages new opportunities for innovation for the Open Networks Project.

“The smart grid transition has the potential to create a whole new range of market opportunities for new technology and service providers, many of whom will be participating in the UK market place for the first time," said David Smith, chief executive of the ENA.

The group is looking to make the most of the smart transition by enabling new markets for distributed energy technologies, battery storage, solar panels and services like electric vehicle to grid demand response.

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The Open Networks Project is an energy industry initiative to transform the role of energy networks and lay the foundations for the UK's smart grid.

“This is a hugely important time for the energy industry as we transition towards a more low-carbon economy, which is why it is vital that we commit to working together and listening to everyone involved," said Sotiris Georgiopoulos from UK Power Networks, who is leading the ENA’s work on new ways of working between transmission and distribution companies.

“Our objective is to enable flexible energy systems and new technologies, while continuing to deliver the secure, stable and cost-effective electricity network our customers expect. The work we are doing to open up our network presents a wealth of new opportunities for flexible energy resources."

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