Hipsters are reclaiming sherry as premium sales soar at Majestic

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Sherry sales have increased thanks to hipsters and tapas (Source: El Pantera)

Younger generations are driving a resurgence in sales of sherry, as premium styles entice new devotees.

Figures from wine retailer Majestic released today show that sales of fortified wine in the year to date are up 41 per cent, with young hipsters reclaiming the drink more commonly associated with their grandmothers.

The trend coincides with the UK's growing taste for premium alcohol products, as Majestic's sales of top-end sherries in the £10-£15 bracket climbed 71 per cent in the same period.

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Sherry sales in the UK halved between 2002 and 2010, and alcohol duty impacted volumes last year.

But the renewed popularity of the drink has been put down to discerning customers who are willing to pay a bit more, as well as a taste for Spanish food.

“Good sherries are high quality, food-friendly wines that are tapping into the changing preferences of the generation that light the fuse under craft ales and craft gins,” said Joe Aylmer, sherry buyer at Majestic.

“It’s no longer a social faux pas for hipsters to drink sherry in tapas bars, as part of a cocktail or simply served ice-cold on a hot summer day or with tonic or as a low ABV alternative to G&T. It’s a complete reinvention of the style.”

Majestic is shuffling its offering to appeal to the new type of buyer, boosting the number of different fortified wines available for next-day delivery on its website.

Best sellers including ultra-dry Manzanilla styles, Tio Pepe which is popular in refreshing cocktails, and Amontillado with tapas, manchego cheese or paella.

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