Renting DVDs from Lovefilm was actually still a thing... until Amazon closed it today

Lynsey Barber
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Lovefilm is no more as Amazon kills it off (Source: Getty)

Lovefilm is closing down. Didn't know it was still around? No, us neither.

The DVD rental by post service which was a true success of British tech and the dotcom era has finally been shuttered by Amazon, which acquired the startup in 2011 for £200m.

If you're wondering who might still be using Lovefilm, let us suggest older generations baffled by streaming and technology in general, and anyone in the deepest darkest depths of the countryside where broadband is har dot come by.

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Lovefilm could be said to have laid the groundwork for Amazon's now massive play in entertainment with Prime Video.

And as for the Lovefilm crew, they have been busy laying the groundwork for the UK's current crop of tech successes.

Saul Klein is a successful investor at LocalGlobe, Alex Chesterman became a serial entrepreneur founding Zoopla and has also invested in startups, while former chief executive Simon Calver is now a partner at BGF Ventures, to name just a few.

RIP Lovefilm.

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