Revealed: Seven questions you should never ask in a job interview

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"... and exactly how much holiday will I get?" (Source: Getty)

It's the high-pressure moment in every job interview: you've impressed the panel with your sharp outfit, dazzling wit and ability to answer even the most curveball questions. Now it's your turn to do the asking.

What you say when your prospective employer says "do you have any questions?" could mean the difference between landing that dream job and being left out in the cold, giving you the chance to showcase your knowledge of the company and inquisitiveness.

But new research by CV-Library has suggested this is where people tend to go wrong, with more than half of candidates making the mistake of asking "what does your company do?".

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The seven deadly questions

1. What does your company do? (53 per cent have asked this)

2. How often do you give your employees a payrise? (53 per cent)

3. Will I have to work long hours? (50 per cent)

4. How much will I get paid? (50 per cent)

5. Do you offer sick pay? (45 per cent)

6. How much holiday will I receive? (26 per cent)

7. Who are your company's market competitors? (15 per cent)

Questions around money and working hours are also tempting but potentially damaging: more than half of candidates have asked how often a company gives their workers a payrise, while another 50 per cent have asked how long the hours are.

Just under half have asked how much they will be paid, while 45 per cent have asked about sick pay.

"Unfortunately, questions [like this] can often touch a nerve with potential employers, as it could suggest that you’re not actually interested in the role itself and the work you’ll be doing," pointed out Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library.

"That’s not to say you can’t ask about the package the company is offering, it’s just important that you phrase it in the right way.”

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How to do it right

1. Is there room for development in this position? (74 per cent have asked this)

2. How would you describe the general culture of the company and the workplace? (51 per cent)

3. What are the team I will be working with like? (37 per cent)

4. When can I start? (24 per cent)

5. How do you measure success? (23 per cent)

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