Here's how much free time the average Brit actually has in a year

Rebecca Smith
The average Brit spends 103 days a year sleeping and eight days doing housework
The average Brit spends 103 days a year sleeping and eight days doing housework (Source: Getty)

Feeling like you don't have much time to yourself, even during the supposed quieter months of the year like August?

Well, according to new research from Virgin Trains, it's true. It has found that the average Brit has 17 days of free time a year, including weekends.

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Of a study of 2,000 people, a third said they felt they had less time than they did five years ago, while nearly half wished they had more.

Respondents also valued free time for than money and material possessions, according to the study.

As for what people would do if they had more time, more than half plumped for travelling, a third would use the extra hours to catch up with family and friends, while 32 per cent would spend more time walking.

Here's how many days are spent on different activities:

  • 103 days a year sleeping
  • 9 days a year on social media
  • 11 days of the year cooking and eating
  • 8 days a year doing housework
  • 7 days a year doing exercise
  • 5 days a year in the bathroom

Virgin Trains' research assumed five weeks of holiday for those in work, and 12 weeks of holiday each year for those studying.

It also found that over three-quarters of people would also explore more of Great Britain if they had more time. The top places to visit? Edinburgh, York, Oxford, Bath and London.

Patrick McCall, co-Chairman, Virgin Trains, said his firm has kicked off a new campaign called Free Me to encourage people to make the most of their free time during the summer.

“Whether you’re on a journey to pursue a dream you’ve always had or you simply want to use the time on your train to unwind and relax," McCall said. "Free Me is about inspiring people to get out there, see more of Great Britain and make the most of those 17 days of precious free time.”

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