Government poised to give guidance on post-Brexit customs arrangements and the Irish border

Helen Cahill
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Davis will start the next round of negotiations at the end of the month (Source: Getty)

The government is pushing ahead with plans to give businesses more certainty on Brexit by publishing a string of papers on key issues.

The papers will detail proposals for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and the government's position on customs arrangements after Brexit.

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"I've launched this process because with time of the essence, we need to get on with negotiating the bigger issues around our future partnership to ensure we get a deal that delivers a strong UK and a strong EU," said Brexit secretary David Davis.

"It's what businesses across Europe have called on both sides to do and will demonstrate that the UK is ready for the job."

It is thought the government will offer freedom of movement to Irish citizens and will say Britain will track goods moved across the Irish border with CCTV cameras and automated number-plate technology. Avoiding the erection of a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland has been one of the top priorities for both the UK and the EU.

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The papers come ahead of the next round of negotiations with the EU, set to start on 28 August.

The cabinet closed ranks today after apparent divisions appeared over a possible transition period after March 2019, when the UK officially leaves the bloc.

Trade secretary Liam Fox and chancellor Philip Hammond, once thought to be at odds over the issue, wrote in a joint article for the Sunday Telegraph that a transition period was required to help businesses adjust to post-Brexit changes.

However, they emphasised that the transition period would not be a "back door" to staying in the EU.