Paddy Power slashes odds on world ending this year as North Korea tensions with Trump heat up

Alys Key
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Paddy Power hopes to attract a few bets (Source: Getty)

Knowing you've got a fiver on the possibility of the world ending could take some of the sting out of being wiped out by nuclear war. Even if you didn't get a chance to collect the winnings.

Bookmaker Paddy Power has slashed the odds on the possibility of the world ending this year from 500/1 to 100/1, implying the likelihood is five times higher now that President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are exchanging heated threats.

Trump said last night that his threat to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea may not have been tough enough. The escalation between the US and North Korea has prompted the bookie to serve up a menu of North Korea specials for its punters.

Bets on a statue of Trump being erected in North Korea this year can now be made on odds of 66/1, while the likelihood of Jong-un staying on as North Korean leader beyond 2031 has been put at 4/7.

On a more hopeful note, gamblers can also take a punt on the possibility that Trump and Jong-un will choose to settle their differences in a round of golf. This is considered slightly more likely than the world ending, with odds of 88/1.

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