Morrisons follows Tesco and Waitrose in paying tampon tax

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Morrisons has followed in the footsteps of Tesco and Waitrose
Morrisons has followed in the footsteps of Tesco and Waitrose (Source: Getty)

Morrisons has announced that it will follow the lead of its rivals by paying the so-called tampon tax itself, meaning customers will not have to pay the five per cent VAT on sanitary products.

Tesco kicked off the trend when it reduced prices of sanitary products at the end of last month, and was swiftly followed by Waitrose.

The Morrisons price change will take effect from Monday.

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Last year, David Cameron extracted a commitment from the EU in the run-up to the Brexit referendum that the tax would be scrapped, but action has yet to be taken.

The levy has been widely criticised, uniting otherwise disparate groups of MPs from all sides of the house as Eurosceptic Conservatives joined forces with Labour and the SNP. But the commons voted down a proposal for the government to cut the rate back in 2015.

Morrisons has said that the reduction will cover all tampons and pads, including well-known brands as well as its own-brand products.

Jacqueline Claughton, Health Buying Manager for Morrisons, said: “Cancelling the effect of VAT on what is an essential product for many women and girls is the right thing to do.”

The supermarket also announced its intention to donate products to Freedom4Girls, a charity that helps schoolgirls obtain free sanitary supplies.

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