Egg-sasperated Brussels ministers arrange high-level meeting over egg scandal

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The full English could be in danger of contamination (Source: Getty)

Experts and ministers will convene to discuss an egg contamination scandal which is so far known to have affected 15 EU countries.

Illegal use of an insecticide has affected eggs sold in the UK, as well as Ireland, France and 12 other EU countries. Goods sold in Hong Kong are also understood to have been affected.

Foods containing eggs have been recalled by Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Asda and Morrisons.

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The use of the chemical, called fipronil, appears to have originated in Belgium and the Netherlands. Two people have been arrested over the contamination.

The Foods Standards Agency said 700,000 eggs had been sent to the UK from potentially contaminated Dutch farms.

Fipronil can damage the kidney and liver if eaten in large quantities.

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The European Commission now plans to hold a meeting with regulators and ministers on 26 September.

EU commissioner for health and food safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, stressed that the meeting would not be a crisis summit, nor would its purpose be to apportion blame.

"Our common job and our priority now is to manage the situation, gather information, focus on the analysis and lessons to be learned in a view to improve our system and prevent criminal activity," he said in a statement.

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