How to be a good boss: Top 10 things employees want from their superiors (spoiler: beers, bonuses and pats on the back)

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Half of employees want to be rewarded for their efforts in a tangible way (e.g. buying a round of drinks, giving bonuses, etc.) (Source: Getty)

Want to be a good boss? Get the beers in, hand out bonuses and pat people of the back. Maybe even ask some probing personal questions. Of course, if you are a boss in the City, you probably don’t need any advice...

A survey of UK employees has found financial services bosses are the most highly rated by their employees, with 62 per cent describing their superiors as “good” or “excellent”.

Financial services bosses narrowly beat their professional services peers to top spot, with lawyers and accountants giving their leaders a score of 61 per cent.

Utilities propped up the table with a score of 43 per cent, behind transportation and manufacturing, both 49 per cent. The survey of 1,000 UK employees by One4all Rewards found an average score of 56 per cent across all sectors.

What are employees looking for in their bosses? In a nutshell: beer, bonuses, pats on the back and flexible hours.

Here are employees’ top 10 tips for being a good boss:

  • Good communication skills - 78%
  • Regularly thanking staff for their efforts - 65%
  • Showing a willingness to muck in and help out with work that technically isn’t in their job description when times are tough or busy - 62%
  • Showing consideration for workers’ work/life balance - 60%
  • Actively trying to develop workers’ skills (e.g. arranging training) - 56%
  • Regularly catching up with all staff about how they are progressing / feeling - 55%
  • Rewarding staff for their efforts in a tangible way (e.g. buying a round of drinks, giving bonuses, etc.) - 47%
  • Offering flexible working - 43%
  • Asking about workers’ lives outside of work - 29%_
  • Providing tangible benefits - e.g. health insurance, gym membership, childcare vouchers, etc.

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And, for fun, here the bosses who are doing it best:

Financial services - 62%

Professional services - 61%

Leisure and travel - 60%

Healthcare - 59%

Local or national Government - 58%

Education - 56%

Administrative and support services - 55%

Retail - 54%

Trades - 53%

Info communications - 50%

Agriculture, forestry and fishing - 50%

Transportation - 49%

Manufacturing - 49%

Utilities - 43%

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