Brigitte Macron will not be given official "first lady" status after a petition against the change collected thousands of signatures

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Brigitte Macron will not be made "first lady" of France (Source: Getty)

French President Emmanuel Macron's bid to give his wife official "first lady" status has fallen flat as government officials denied she would be given a title or a budget in response to a petition against changes to her status.

Macron had promised to make an official position for his wife, Brigitte Macron, during his election campaign, but the French public has been widely opposed to such changes.

The online petition against a "first lady" status, like that of the spouse of a US President, received nearly 300,000 signatures in two weeks.

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Chistophe Castaner, the French government spokesperson, tweeted:

“Brigitte Macron has a role and responsibilities. We are looking to be transparent and to outline the means she has at her disposal.

“No modification of the constitution, no new funding, no salary for Brigitte Macron. Stop the hypocrisy!”

​A "transparency charter" is set to be released in the coming days to clarify Brigitte Macron's role, but sources have told the French media that there will be no change to the constitution.

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