Ruth Davidson tackles Theresa May over immigration target

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Scottish Conservative Leader Drives A Tank
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Scottish Tories leader Ruth Davidson has urged Number 10 to reconsider its commitment to an immigration target of 100,000 after the UK leaves the European Union.

The most popular non-member of the Cabinet, Davidson urged Theresa May to have a "mature conversation" about the thorny topic of immigration, noting the impact any restrictions might have on a post-Brexit Britain.

"With the country on the road to full employment, potential for growth is facing ever greater limitations," she wrote in today's Telegraph. "It is clear that, if we want Britain's economy to grow, in order to increase the tax receipts that fund our public services, we need to take action."

She added: “This isn’t about slogans on mugs or Breaking Point posters; this is about the need for a rational discussion around economic growth, workforce planning, the capacity of public services and public consent."

Leaving the EU was "a big reset button” for the issue and should make it easier for the government to get to grips on the issue, she added.

"But we have to ask whether the target continues to be the right one?”

Davidson, who last week penned an article calling for a "reboot" of capitalism, is increasingly viewed as a possible contender for Conservative leadership having effectively relaunched the party north of the border.

She has also called on the Tories to reconsider their Brexit stance.

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