How to avoid London Waterloo travel trouble this month as Network Rail work shuts 10 of the station's platforms

Rebecca Smith
The station is closing 10 platforms until 28 August
The station is closing 10 platforms until 28 August (Source: Getty)

On the plus side, the £800m Waterloo upgrade going on this month will provide space for 30 per cent extra passengers during the busiest times of the day.

On the negative side, passengers have been told to brace themselves for a month of travel headaches with 10 platforms shut until 28 August so station capacity can be beefed up.

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Commuters were initially pleasantly surprised as work got underway, saying trains were quieter than expected in the morning yesterday, though this was short-lived with disruption and delays cropping up by late afternoon.

With that in mind, here are five ways to avoid the travel troubles for the month...

1. Check out alternative Waterloo to Bank routes

For those working in the City and wanting to avoid the crowds, you may want to assess alternative routes from Waterloo. Fear not, for we've compiled a ranking of the fastest to slowest routes from Waterloo to Bank, complete with pros and cons for all the listed options.

2. Gett a cab

Taxi-hailing app Gett has kicked off a new offer for commuters this August. For £2 during the morning and evening rush hours, passengers can use the Gett Together sharing service which runs from Clapham Junction through Queenstown Road and to Waterloo station. People will be able to get on and off the route at any point.

(Source: Gett)

3. Get on your bike

For the competent cyclists out there, the capital now has a raft of options to opt for. Along with the classic Boris bikes (which are coming to Brixton later this year FYI), there are new cycle sharing schemes such as Chinese startup Mobike, which operates without docking stations, and the similarly named oBike. That firm though, has run into some trouble with councils over its fleet of bikes cropping up in London. Just over the weekend, Wandsworth council said it had removed 130 bikes since it launched in July... so don't be leaving bikes blocking pavements.

4. Steer clear of these stations on the Northern Line and District Line

The knock-on effect from Waterloo works means stations on the Northern and District Lines are expected to be much busier than usual at peak times. Avoiding the below stations then should mean a better journey, and cycling may be possible for some, with cycle superhighway 7 running parallel to the Northern Line between Colliers Wood and the City.

Transport for London advises checking local bus options instead of opting for the Tube at its busiest times too, and walking part of your journey if you can.

Busier Northern Line and District Line stations during the works:

(Source: TfL)

5. Ditch the public transport altogether

TfL has a range of walking maps that show the times taken to walk between stations, along with the number of steps it takes to get between them, and in March extended the maps to encompass Zone 3 and National Rail stations.

It won't be doable for everyone of course, but with Network Rail warning of lengthy queues to board trains at peak times, and busier Tube stations, walking some - or all - of a route could be a way to avoid travel headaches this month.

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