Eight Davids, seven Steves, six women: Some facts you may have missed in today's FTSE 100 chief executive pay report

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FTSE 100 chief exec pay plunged 17 per cent on average last year (Source: Getty)

As you will have read, everywhere (but hopefully just through your favourite free, daily, business-focused London newspaper or its website), pay for FTSE 100 chief executives fell 17 per cent last year.

As you cry rivers and set-up crowdfunding pages for the bosses, here are some facts from the CIPD/ High Pay Centre report that you may have missed:

  • It would take an average UK full-time worker, earning £28,000 a year, 160 years to make what an average FTSE 100 chief exec does in one year
  • It would take them 1,718 years to earn Sir Martin Sorrell’s £48.1m from last year (though this was down from £70.4m in 2015)
  • There were eight Davids, seven Steves or Stephens and six women in the list of FTSE 100 chief executives
  • Male bosses are paid £4.7m on average and females £2.6m
  • Imperial Brands’ Alison Cooper was the highest paid woman, making £5.5m
  • Bosses’ pay packages consisted, on average, of 20 per cent base salary. Some 48 per cent came from long-term incentive plans

  • The average pay ratio across the FTSE 100 was 129:1. Carnival has the highest ratio at 1,264:1, ahead of WPP on 1,134:1.

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