Argos staff gear up for strike in mid-August

Helen Cahill
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Staff in the retailer's distribution chain are planning a walk out (Source: Getty)

Staff working across Argos' distribution network are readying themselves to strike for three weeks from the middle of August.

Argos said that Unite union had made "unreasonable" demands and that the retailer had contingency plans in place.

The staff are striking over terms and conditions, saying that Argos has not guaranteed that their current terms will be safeguarded in future.

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Unite said 1,100 workers were affected. The strike is set to start on 15 August and end on 5 September.

An Argos spokesperson said: "We're disappointed with the union's actions, which are based on unreasonable demands and are wholly unnecessary.

"Customers can be reassured that we have full contingency plans in place."

Matt Draper, Unite's officer for logistics and retail distribution, said Sainsbury's was "pulling the strings behind the scenes" at Argos.

“We want a comprehensive national agreement with the employer covering redundancy and severance packages, as well as our members at Barton being covered by such an agreement and to be allowed into the national forum, if they so wish, which is not the case at present," Draper said.

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