The Email Prankster who fooled Mark Carney, Jes Staley and Anthony Scaramucci is crowdfunding a book

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The prankster has hoaxed White House staff and senior bankers (Source: Getty)

A British email prankster who has fooled everyone from British banking bosses to senior White House staff is now crowdfunding a guide to email pranks.

The mysterious emailer, who goes by the Twitter handle @Sinon_Reborn, is raising £10,000 to "achieve my dream of WRITING and PRANKING more people".

"The book will be like no other" insists the shady figure's crowdfunding page.

"Illustrations, security advice, pranks, how-to-prank your friends and Emu's. And cats. Lots of drawings of the Trump Administration. AND MORE I HAVEN'T EVEN DREMPT UP YET [sic]."

Rewards for donating to the campaign, which has so fair raised £80, include a free PDF, "erratic emails with random musings" and, for those who donate £1,000, "I'll prank your friend/wife.. maybe boss haha".

Banking bosses and politicians

Big names hoaxed by the Email Prankster so far include Bank of England governor Mark Carney, who was coaxed into referencing former governor Eddie George's "daily intake" but also nobly shut down sexist remarks from the prankster, who was pretending to be Anthony Habgood, the chairman of the court of the Bank of England.

Barclays boss Jes Staley has also been a victim, as has Morgan Stanley boss James Gorman and Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein.

But the Prankster hit the motherlode when he/she caught out Anthony Scaramucci by posing as Reince Priebus, in which the ousted communications chief recommended his then-colleague should "Read Shakespeare. Particularly Othello."

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