Sigh. Ferrari is reportedly planning an SUV

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Looking fancy isn't good enough when you need to squeeze two kids and a dog in. (Source: Getty)

It seems Ferrari is jumping on the luxury utility bandwagon, after reports emerged the carmaker is planning an SUV.

Yep: if your bright red supercar wasn't making enough of an impact, it could soon not only be higher off the ground, but fit the whole family, according to reports from Bloomberg.

A four-seater SUV would be a surprising move, given Ferri boss Sergio Marchionne has insisted the company would never touch a utility vehicle. But rivals Porsche and Maserati have both made a stonking success of their versions.

Marchionne, who took over at Ferrari in 2014, is likely to focus on scaling up production, pushing up its self-imposed limit of 10,000 cars per year. The reports also suggested Ferrari is keen to build more hybrid models.

SUV frenzy

The news comes weeks after fellow luxury carmaker Jaguar said its new F-Pace SUV helped to push up sales by 83 per cent in 2016, with revenues rising to £24.3bn.

Such is the success of its foray into the SUV market, two weeks ago it launched a compact version, the £28,500 E-Pace, production of which will begin in China next year.

Meanwhile, Bentley has launched its own SUV, the monster-sized Betayaga, while last year Maserati launched its own version, the Levante.

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