Twitter's changed its font and people are totally freaked out by the new one

Lynsey Barber
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Helvetica has been ditched on desktop (Source: Getty)

If you log on to Twitter this morning, you might find things looking uncomfortably different.

No one likes change, but in the latest one made by the company, the font is looking very different for desktop users.

The change has been quietly rolled out overnight and according to font experts, the new one is Segoe, a change from the familiar Helvetica Neue.

Here's what it looke like, as demonstrated by king of tweets Donald Trump:

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Twitter has previously switched up the font, trying to bring in Gotham back in 2014 which it described as "elegant and direct, stylish but not exclusive" at the time. People hated it and four months later it reverted back to Helvetica.

Maybe the fresh font will attract more than the zero users who joined Twitter last quarter, but judging by the reaction of users, maybe we'll see a similar u-turn down the line.

Here are the best reactions:

Of course, there's always a workaround, and if you really can't stand Segoe, it's time to switch from desktop Twitter to a third party such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

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