Revealed: The most affordable places for first-time buyers in the UK

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Seven in 10 first-time buyers choose to buy a home an average of 26 minutes from their original preferred location (Source: Getty)

Southampton, Norwich and Nottingham are among the most affordable places for first-time buyers, according to a new research by Post Office Money.

The study found that affordability peaks in Southampton, where the average property price is £199,074 and 98 per cent of properties are in areas deemed affordable to the group.

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Surprisingly, the research also found that London is not the least affordable place for first-time buyers. Brighton was found to be the most unfavourable place for this group with average property prices hitting £352,303.

The study of more than 1000 people also found that compromise was the key to first-time buyers stepping on the property ladder, with 70 per cent choosing to buy a home an average of 26 minutes from their original preferred location.

While 16 per cent did not have to adjust their expectations at all, others made compromises over having a suitable garden (five per cent) or availability of car parking spaces (three per cent).

Owen Woodley, managing director, Post Office Money, said: “With average house price growth having increased by 48 per cent since 2005, compared with an increase to the average first-time buyer income of only 37 per cent over the same period, there is no question that the UK housing market remains a challenging environment for many. In spite of this we’re seeing that first time buyers approach the market with enthusiasm and flexibility."

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% Properties Affordable to FTBs

Average property price

% increase in average property price in the last year


98 per cent


+6 per cent


93 per cent


+11 per cent


89 per cent


+8 per cent


87 per cent


+3 per cent


85 per cent


+3 per cent


84 per cent


+6 per cent


79 per cent


+8 per cent


74 per cent


+7 per cent


72 per cent


+6 per cent


65 per cent


+6 per cent


46 per cent


+5 per cent


30 per cent


+4 per cent


29 per cent


+14 per cent


2 per cent


+8 per cent

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