Leave.EU launches campaign to sack chancellor Philip Hammond

Catherine Neilan
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Pressure piling on Hammond after weeks of leaks (Source: Getty)

Arron Banks' pressure group Leave.EU has launched a campaign to force Theresa May to sack chancellor Philip Hammond over his pro-Europe position.

Last night the pro-Brexit group emailed supporters calling on them to contact their local MP to put pressure on the Prime Minister to remove her number two, who is “taking every opportunity available to spread doubts about our withdrawal from the European Union”.

According to Leave.EU's "official media partner" Westmonster, the email said:

We can’t continue with a Chancellor who goes off-script and speaks for the interests of the European Union while we are locked in the most important negotiations of our lifetime. His desire to leave our borders open while locking us out of global trade deals is unacceptable. It’s time for Theresa May to show some strength and sack the saboteur.

Yesterday May appeared at odds with Hammond over the official position on freedom of movement, with a Number 10 spokesman appearing to contradict the chancellor by saying it would come to an end from March 2019. The news was met with dismay from some within the business community who fear it will hurt economic growth.

Hammond, who is pushing for a lengthy transitional period, has previously said full migration controls would not be imposed for some time after Brexit.

Over the weekend he appeared to row back on his own comments, insisting the UK would not slash taxes to undermine European rivals.

Last month Hammond was the subject of numerous leaks, including one that claimed "the Treasury, is trying to **** it up. They want to frustrate Brexit.

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