Revealed: The one food item Brits cannot do without on their holidays

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London City Airport will replace seized Marmite jars with travel friendly alternatives for one day only (Source: Getty)

Marmite’s self-deprecating advertisers may have got it wrong after all.

You either love it or you hate, we are told. But far from half the country hating Marmite, it is the one thing Brits jetting off on their holidays can't do without. Marmite is the most seized food item at security gates, according to London City Airport.

But never fear, for those that cannot stomach the possibility of being separated from their favourite yeasty spread, London City will today allow holiday makers to swap their pots for a 70g traveller size alternative.

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Unfortunately, the Marmite takeover at the security gates of the airport is not to be a permanent fixture. The swap service will take place for one day only, today starting at 6am.

Airport officials anticipate 31 July to the busiest day of the year. And research suggests they will be dipping into plenty of pieces of hand luggage.

Around one in eight (13 per cent) of people have had to surrender an item because it didn't meet aviation or immigration rules.

Confiscated jars of the salty brown delight will not be chucked; the airport donates them to a local food charity.

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