Londoners become antisocial diners with two in five preferring robots to waiters

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Cornish Fishermen Deliver Directly To London's Finest Restaurants
Meal for one? (Source: Getty)

If you're planning on eating a meal on your own today, you're not alone. Sort of.

People in the City of London are more likely to eat meals en seule than anyone else in the capital, as new research from Westfield shows that a third of Londoners regularly dine alone.

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More than half (58 per cent) of those surveyed in the City of London said they were open to dining alone, making the Square Mile the solo dining centre of London. Kingston-upon-Thames and City of Westminster were also keen on meals for one, with 43 per cent in each area saying they were up for it.

It seems the quest for me-time extends to even avoiding the service staff, as 39 per cent of Londoners say they would rather order from a robot. This might have something to do with the fact that 46 per cent of Londoners say solo diners are not made to feel welcome at restaurants.

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Flat living and flat whites

In other depressing London life news, flats are so small that most people cannot eat in their kitchen, with a quarter opting to have dinner in their bedrooms.

But city-dwellers are making up for it with their ever-refined taste in hipster hotspots. Coffee shops now tip the balance as a preferred meeting place over pubs, with 54 per cent saying they would rather have a rendezvous over a flat white than a pint. More than half (53 per cent) of Londoners also want a nearby bagel bakery.

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Blessed are the cheesemakers

Our taste for foodie delights has even gone so far that many Londoners are taking matters into their own hands. One in five claim to make their own cheese, while 30 per cent have smoking their own fish on their to-do list.

Of course all this foodie achievement would be meaningless if it wasn't shared with the world. But 1.1 million Londoners admit that they have dropped their phone while in pursuit of the perfect Instagram shot of their food.

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