Trade in Harley Street medical district booms on weaker sterling

Helen Cahill
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Overseas buyers are looking for the best treatment at a reduced price (Source: Getty)

Harley Street is profiting from a flurry of overseas visitors looking to access some of the world's best healthcare professionals at a discount price.

The Office for National Statistics reported a 19 per cent rise in the number of visitors to the UK in April 2017.

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The fall in the value of the pound has been driving sales in the West End, but it's not just the retailers who are benefiting.

Medical specialists in the Harley Street medical area have also been busy serving international clients, and have said they are receiving bookings from countries they do not often see referrals from.

Dr Paul Ettlinger of the London General Practice said he was expecting to be particularly busy this summer.

Ettlinger said: "All the signs suggest we are in for a very busy summer. Patients, particularly from the UAE, see the Harley Street medical area as an attractive destination, where they can get the very best care, quickly."

A spokesperson from Moorfields Private Eye Hospital said overseas medical tourism agencies were even reaching out to establish partnerships.

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