Krug’s Into the Wild Festival: an exclusive evening in the heart of Hampshire

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Argentine chef Francis Mallmann joins with Krug for a one-of-a-kind evening

Champagne house Krug is hosting a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory event where it will assail the senses of guests with carefully curated food, music and booze.

Krug is teaming up with Argentine chef Francis Mallmann and up-and-coming music platform Mahogany to create an evening it says will show its champagne in a whole new light.

“It’s all about combining food, music and Krug to make magic,” says Maggie Henriquez, CEO of Krug Champagne. “It’s a universe where we play with contrasting concepts and experiences. It’s all about the emotion that you feel.

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“When you add music, you get a really different experience with champagne. The taste changes so much. It’s no longer about rationality, it’s all about the experience – an experience that allow the unconscious to come out and make a connection. It’s about pleasure”.

The event will take place on 29 July, when Krug will transform The Grange, Hampshire’s finest example of Palladian architecture, into a hedonists paradise offering exactly what is promised: food, music and lashings of booze.

Krug treatment and the consideration of the vineyard is like the conductor of an orchestra. The champagne offers the music.

Into the Wild hopes to top last year’s Krug Island in Essex, the Maison’s debut on the UK festival scene, by inviting world famous chef, restaurateur and wordsmith Francis Mallmann to make his first solo UK appearance. Mallmann will provide a fine-dining experience with typical Argentinian flare, cooking the dishes on a hand-crafted 10ft bonfire. Each dish has been paired with a champagne from the Krug portfolio.

“We found that Francis had a unique approach in his cooking” says Henriquez. “He’s a Krug kind of man – he will create an experience that is unique and completely unexpected”.

Mallmann’s four course meal will be served across multiple sites at The Grange, each individually formulated to provide an insight into all things Krug.

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Mixing music and Krug has long been part of the House’s history, with Henriquez comparing the production process of the champagne to the sound of a full orchestra: “Listening carefully I realised Krug treatment and the consideration of the vineyards is like the conductor. The champagne offers the music.”

Musical performers that match the ambience of each dining setting will guide guests through the evening. The artists have each created a distinctive playlist that reflects the unique event.

Tickets, which are limited to 300, cost £395 per person including a return coach ticket to London. See the Krug website for more.

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