UK tumbles down global well-being ranks as Brits say their finances, family life and work have all been on the decline over the past year

Rebecca Smith
Brits said the current economic environment was hitting their financial situation
Brits said the current economic environment was hitting their financial situation (Source: Getty)

The UK has tumbled down the global well-being rankings, trailing the likes of India, China and New Zealand, due to growing financial pressures.

According to a Cigna study of 14,000 people out today, the UK is now in eighth place, falling from third in 2015 and fifth last year.

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India topped the rankings, followed by Thailand, China, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, New Zealand and then the UK.

Countries ranked on well-being

Ranking for 2017 Country
1. India
2. Thailand
3. China
4. Spain
5. UAE
6. Indonesia
7. New Zealand
8. UK
9. Turkey
10. Singapore
11. Hong Kong
12. Taiwan
13. South Korea

Half of Brits surveyed said the current economic environment was having a negative impact on their financial situation, with the UK scoring poorly on every financial measure, including current finances, provision for retirement, meeting medical needs, and maintaining standard of living.

Cigna assessed 13 countries for the study, with research considering five main aspects of people's sense of well-being: their physical health, their family lives, their social lives, their finances, and their work.

On each of these elements, those from the UK said their position had declined during last year. Family life suffered the greatest fall, with more than half of British respondents saying they felt they didn't spend enough time with their family.

Peter Mills, medical director at Cigna global health benefits, said:

Today, people are faced with an uncertain political and economic environment, and concerns about the future are inevitably taking a toll on their well-being.

Britain’s fall in the global rankings is not only a concern for families, but for businesses as well. It is a clear early warning sign that employers need to start thinking more deeply about how to better support employees’ work-life balance. With half our waking hours spent at work, it will require a combined work-life solution in order to improve the nation’s overall well-being.

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